Comprehensive Health Services (CHS) is the industry's largest independent provider of onsite health centers, nationwide exam programs and rapid-response medical readiness teams. In 2004, CHS was a $50 million per year company. In 2010, with the help of the marketing and PR efforts of our team, they have doubled their annual revenue. CHS is one of those great B2B success stories featuring success stories in all facets of brand marketing strategy and tactics – from website development and SEM to print ads and direct mail.


The CHS website is a projects that recent college grads, all hopped up on Google Analytics and conversion rates, have a hard time getting their minds around. It was crafted for a highly targeted audience of Human Capital leaders and decision makers. By nature, CHS’ services have an extended sales cycle. Nothing that we put on the website was going to close multi-million dollar deals. Our strategy was to create a presence that utilizes usability fundamentals and allows very busy people to spend as little time as possible getting the information they need to create qualified leads. We wanted to soften the sales process for the business development team and create brand awareness for CHS. How did this approach pay off? Doubled revenue in 5 years, that’s how!

Print Advertising

One of the most successful components of the CHS campaign has been our print advertising. Highly targeted media buys in trade publications combined with creative that differentiates CHS from other advertisers has yielded demonstrable, exponential gains in both brand awareness and brand recall.

Direct Mail

Due to the highly targeted audience of HR and benefits decision makers, direct mail, distributed to lists purchased from the print advertising publications, was a natural fit in our campaign. As a “zag” to the ever popular “zig” of outside-the-box thinking, we focused the campaign on thinking “inside-the-box” – reminding readers that one of the most important aspects of reducing costs and increasing productivity is keeping their workforce healthy and on the job.