Internal Revenue Service

As government brands go, few enjoy the vast brand awareness of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). At some point, the IRS interacts with every American. Unfortunately that brand also carries with it brand values of a massive, cold governmental organization. It’s not exactly the institutional message that’s going to bring in the resumes of the nation’s best and brightest talent.

Recruitment Brand

The Count On Me brand developed under my creative direction, pushes the agency into the modern, inspiring space they belong in. Nothing the federal government does would be possible without the money brought in by this agency – and fulfilling that mission isn’t possible without dedicated civil servants. Empowerment. Responsibility. Pride. This campaign challenges candidates to honor their civic duty and contribute to America’s future – and their own.


The Ux is devised to allow candidates to self-select into an audience silo based on the their career level. Each silo provides content and features crafted to provide a relevant experience that is meaningful to the candidate. The creative mirrors the warm, personal approach of the campaign and provides users with a highly visual interface that is both engaging and easy to use. Not only an award winning website, this project scored ‘off-the-charts’ in both usability and focus group testing.