Novation is a health care services company helping over 100,000 members and affiliates of two national health care alliances – VHA Inc. and UHC. Novation develops and manages competitive contracts with over 700 suppliers to provide significant cost savings for a wide variety of medical devices, goods and services. Novation developed a suite of technology products to help customers analyze and manage their supply chain. With the massive number of SKUs inherent in medical supply chains and potentially millions of dollars in spending hinging on 1000ths of a cent per unit costs, these tools needed to be incredibly easy to use. That's where the RealDecoy UX team came in.


On par with any business intelligence tool, Novations analytics tools provide robust functionality and offer the power user a comprehensive feature set that is both highly valuable and potentially highly complex. Designing a usably interface required that our team first deconstruct the application and analyze its component workflows.


We then took on the task of rebuilding those workflows in the form of a clickable Axure prototype. Our approach to prototyping was to develop high-fidelity wireframe style prototypes, complete with recommended data visualizations, that would allow both the customer and a select set of customer members to test each iteration. By incorporating feedback from both our client and the client's customer, we were able to quickly iterate through the prototyping process.


The richness of the information required on each screen required us to take a deliberate and calculated approach to the graphic design. The design needed to both reinforce the Novation brand while at the same time enhancing the usability of the data. The result is a highly usable, visually rich interface that makes the customer's data easy to consume and navigate. In addition to the graphic design treatments, we produced a pattern library demonstrating the use of the design in a wide variety of data visualizations. The client was so pleased with the design of this product, that they also ported our work into several additional product suites!