U.S Air Force

The US Air Force Materiel command is responsible for equipping the Air Force with the best weapon systems through the Air Force Research Laboratory and several unique centers which are responsible for the oversight of aircraft, electronic systems, missiles and munitions. TMP Government was engaged to drive a civilian recruitment campaign and my task, as one of TMP's Creative Directors, was to lead our team in the creation of these campaigns for two of Materiel Command's divisions.

The Electronic Systems Center (ESC) equips the Air Force with weapons systems, logistics and the other tools they need to complete their mission. The Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) is the Air Force "center of technical excellence" for researching, developing and purchasing military space systems. In fact, SMC is responsible for more of the nation’s space activity than any other entity (yes, including the one with the 4 letter acronym).

Web & Mobile

When the commanding General of ESC decided to roll out the new ESC employment brand during his keynote speech at ECS’s annual conference, we armed him with the mobile marketing tactics to make his presentation memorable and engaging. With a short-code displayed in his presentation, the General asked conference attendees to take out their devices and execute the code. Seconds later the room erupted into aural chaos as text responses began reaching the attendees. The response provided a message introducing attendees to the new brand and provided them a direct link to the mobile site.

Print Ads

Fueling innovation and keeping SMC’s programs off-the-ground requires a steady stream of civilian talent. The challenges are enormous, the theater of operations is infinite, and the campaign invites candidates to “Come Be a Part of Something BIG”.